Centralized Labeling

Centralized Labeling Improves Bottom Line


A leading member of the meat and food processing industry, this client produces processed meats for the retail and food service industries.


Like many companies, this client was faced with the dilemma of managing labels for their entire organization while meeting customer and government labeling requirements. Their initial system was comprised of various labeling software, barcodes, printers, scales, and scanners. With barcode labels intersecting every aspect of the supply chain and bridging processes from manufacturing, warehousing and distribution to consumer use, it’s important to manage the information in a central location.


Implement an enterprise labeling solution that uses industry proven standards, centralizes the management of data and labels while providing the power and flexibility to meet changing customer and regulatory requirements. The solution needed to grow with the company as they expanded into new markets and territories which demanded a higher volume of labels.


As a result of the solution, the client was able to create a centralized, uniform, labeling approach. This in turn resulted in savings due to reduced issues like mislabeling of product which could lead to costly recalls. The solution saved over $300,000 dollars in re-labeling costs, customer fines, and costly returns, in the first year alone. The centralized solution included standard equipment so parts of the system (scales, printers, stations) could be swapped out easily to reduce production downtime. The solution was GS1-compliant and followed all relevant government labeling regulations. Most importantly, the customer grew in annual sales from millions to billions and the application continued to perform effectively and without interruption.


This solution was built with Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft C#, .Net, Honeywell label printers, Rice Lake scales, Datalogic scanners, and is compliant with GS1 standards and practices.