Data Analytics for Food Processor

Gain Insights to Improve Yield


A leading member of the meat and food processing industry, this client produces smoked and processed meats for the retail and food service industries.


Like many food processing companies, this client is faced with the dilemma of increasing the yields of their finished goods and maintaining or lowering costs, while still providing the highest levels of customer service in their industry. The challenge was to collect and analyze inventory and shop floor data to gain insights into yield loss within their manufacturing processes. Company leaders sought to deliver useful business intelligence and data analytics into the hands of decision-makers to support their culture of continuous improvement.


Implement a data analytic solution using machine learning principles based on proven statistical models and leveraging Prime ProData Inc.’s industry knowledge of meat and food processing. Create a machine learning application focused on predicting the yield loss based on various factors in the production process.


As a result of the solution, the client was able to meet or exceed the business challenges of continuous process improvement and understand the effects of change in the manufacturing process. The insights gained in the manufacturing process will help to maximize their production yields across all products.


This solution used a mix of Microsoft Azure Machine Learning, Microsoft Power BI, and Microsoft SQL Server.