EDI Order to Cash

Save Time and Money


A leading member of the meat and food processing industry, this client produces smoked and processed meats for the retail and food service industries.


The challenge was to harness their own efficiencies to optimize the Order to Cash cycle. For this particular trading partner, orders were copied from a web portal and manually re-entered into their internal ERP system. This led to time consuming data entry, costly returns and rush orders. After shipping, invoices has to be manually entered into a web portal. It would typically take two days to get the large volume of invoices entered causing delays in payments.


The strategy was to design a solution to streamline the Order to Cash cycle with their existing ERP system using EDI. The EDI solution needed to capture and transform computer-generated purchase orders and invoices into electronic documents automatically. By mapping customer orders directly into their ERP, it solved the problem of manual data entry, as well as order accuracy. Payments could be received faster if the invoices were generated in an automated solution.


Now orders received via EDI are instantly converted into sales orders without requiring any changes to existing business practices. Processing orders faster reduced the expense of employee labor, increased accuracy of the orders and improved customer service. Invoices were sent electronically which resulted in earlier payments. As an overall result of the improvements to the Order to Cash cycle, cash flow increased by over 1.4 million dollars over a year.


This solution used a mix of Microsoft BizTalk Server, Microsoft SQL Server Report Services and Microsoft SQL Server.