Shop Floor Services

The manufacturing industry is data rich, with many systems already in place collecting that data. Prime ProData, Inc. can help you implement an integrated solution to data collection, presentation, and analysis in order to drive action-oriented information from the data. Discover meaningful, readily available insights into your shop floor operations and take effective action to streamline your operations for maximum efficiency.


  • Data Collection – Set up data collection from Shop Floor devices to a relational database on premise or in the cloud.
  • Data Analytics – Predict equipment failures, detect anomalies in production processes and address underlying issues before they become a problem. Machine Learning can provide predictive maintenance, increase production yields, increase profit margins and avoid production downtime.
  • System Integration – Establish connectivity between Shop Floor devices and applications.
  • OEE – Measuring Operational Equipment/Employee Efficiency to gain insights to improving your manufacturing process.


  • Device Support – Troubleshoot and solve HMI, PLC, electrical and mechanical issues with Shop Floor devices.
  • Shop Floor Communications – Design and troubleshoot a variety of Shop Floor device protocols, such as Ethernet, DH+, RS232, etc.
  • Robotics – Troubleshoot and program manufacturing robots.


  • Automated Device Backup – Set up and monitor device program backups to a central repository.
  • Cabinet Layout Design – Design device and wiring layouts for control cabinets.
  • Training – FactoryTalk and PLC training.